Employees Union successfully negotiates fair Standby, Overtime and Ancillary costs for Properties and Services Technical Inspectors.

02 Sep 2022
02 Sep 2022

Properties and Services Technical Inspectors were being under-paid for being on standby after hours. The P&S Technical Inspectors experienced difficulty in securing time-off in lieu of the number of hours of overtime they worked, neither were they being compensated for using their personal vehicles in service of the employer.

The EU referred this matter to the CCMA (Case number WECT9213-22) after the employer failed to negotiate a fair and equitable outcome.

As of 02 September 2022, the EU can report that an agreement has been reached to ensure that the P&S Technical Inspectors are fairly remunerated and compensated for their time in service of the employer.

The agreement is backdated to 01 June 2022.