We will be by your side to defend and promote your rights and interests.

Some of the ways we do this, include:

  • promoting employment justice at all times
  • annually negotiating your salary and other conditions of employment
  • preparing you for, and representing you at, disciplinary hearings
  • preparing you for, and representing you at, grievance hearings
  • assisting you in re-grading applications
  • securing favourable outcomes during departmental restructuring and minimising retrenchments
  • representing and negotiating your views in respect of the Development Dialogue and its salary implications
  • providing input into relevant UCT policies affecting your employment
  • promoting, negotiating and consulting on employment equity issues with particular emphasis on your skills development
  • preparing you for, and representing you on, any issue that needs to be referred to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) (and, if necessary, the Labour Courts)
  • ensuring that the University abides by its own policies (e.g. overtime, leave, allowances, social engineering)

We achieve this, and more, through individual meeting with managers, representation on the Institutional Forum, the University Transformation Committee, Employment Equity Committee, Skills Development Committee, the Consultative Forum, Workplace Forum, the UCT Language Policy Committee, and the Organisational Health Forum, - to name but a few.

We engage the employer's management seriously and firmly in all matters that affect you.