• 2019

    Funeral Cover

    The Funeral cover was a Coalition Unions demand.

    The demand was for UCT to introduce a funeral cover that is cheap.  Many of UCT staff members are making outrageous monthly payments for funeral cover.  If you are not interested in the funeral cover there is an “opt out” option. 

  • 2018

    Bond rates

    After many discussions the university has sought preferential bond rates for staff for the following Banks:

    • Standard Bank
    • First National Bank
    • ABSA
  • 2017

    Bursary Scheme for Dependants

    In 2017 there was an agreement between the Employees Union (EU) and the University that a fund of R100 000 be set aside for a three-year pilot project for the years 2018, 2019 (R150 000) and 2020 (R200 000), to provide partial financial support for UCT employees or dependants of any UCT employee who unsuccessfully applied to study at UCT, despite having met the minimum academic entry requirements, i.e., they were not offered a place as a result of the faculty cut-off rate, but who subsequently received an offer to study at Stellenbosch University, CPUT or UNISA. The financial support will also apply in instances where such a staff member or dependant undertakes a course at Stellenbosch University, UNISA or CPUT that is not offered at UCT. 

    The Agreement was signed with the EU, but the EU agreed to open the agreement up to all Professional and Support Staff (PASS).  In to 2018 there were 21 applicants and in 2019 the number went up to 38 applicants including the 21 applicants from 2018. 

    This item was on the bargaining demands for many years so it is a great achievement for EU.

    Two weeks internal Advertising of jobs

    In 2016 while UCT was in the process of insourcing some of their services other staff members were faced with job losses.  In the 2017 Memorandum of Agreement the EU demanded that until the end of 2018 all PASS vacancies must be advertised internally for 2 weeks. For any post that may have scarce or special skills and that the university wants to advertise externally, the motivation must go through the EU before advertising externally.

    The reason for the request was the preservation of jobs, staff development, succession planning and career pathing.

    In the 2019 Memorandum of Agreement between EU and the University, it was agreed to retain the two weeks internal advertising of jobs provided the recruitment and selection is aligned to UCT’s Employment Equity Plan and Targets.


    One of the very contentious issues at UCT. 

    After many years of fighting with the university to open up the red bays to all staff.  The argument was if a staff member is prepared to pay for a red bay then the red bay should be allocated to them.  Academic staff and PASS staff in pay class 10 and above are eligible for a red bay disc.  In 2017, 75 red bays were open to PASS staff below pay class 10. In 2018, the number of bays were increased to 100. In 2019, 115 red bays were allocated to PASS staff below pay class 10. 

    The EU will continue to campaign that all staff are treated equally. As the saying goes small wins!

    Medical Aid

    After years of pushing for options other than Discovery, staff have an option to join a medical aid of their choice and not be tied down to UCT's preferred Medical Aid (Discovery Health) provided the staff member can show proof of cover each year. Joining a medical aid has become optional for pay classes 2 to 6.